Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yeah.. Don't worry, give us another month guys, we've got you..

Hi guys..  The faster zombies are far from dead, I mean we are zombies.. but besides the already dead thing we ARE not dead in your terms.  We had to go back to school, sling the newest, refinance, start our own hustles, become one of the best promoters in PHL annnd remix our format.  Nearly 14,000 hits only about 6 months in (nothing folks, just watch) did you think we'd just fade out?  Nope. Nope and nope.  Don't worry Kyoko and don't worry in general.  Cayate la boca haters. We occasionally need to do some undercover stuff, if after our last breaks we came back strong then think hulk this time.  Download the goodies, get the joke and follow the leader.  Give us one more month.  We love all of you.  New Format Sept. 8th..  Everyone is still here we just needed to make real moves before on here we Atliens 3rd song.  The format is the format kiddos.  The AZ video is appropriate.  Trust faster zombies.


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