Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This is important part one.. Market Research.

This is important.. Okay, seriously, I am going to put up two options as far as our future hip-hop musical video posts (as far as the majority of them). It is also a lyrically educational post.. That's a double win!!

Option A:
note: All I can say to this is "Racks on Racks on Racks." I put up the version with the lyrics written down so ya'll could basically understand it. I also didn't put up the 13 Minute remix, for hopefully obvious reasons..

Option B:
note: There is no note, this is an easy pick to contrast with the other methinks..

Option C) In real life this is the type of video I would put up most of the time.. but I should at least attempt to stay within.. I don't know... a two year time frame nahmean'? Actually f--k that, you guys know how to vote.. May the best video, according to all of my fellow zombies win..

And like that.. he was gone... next episode of the video off contests Jazz..



p.s. I know I took a week off basically, I was flooded and hospitalized (you know how it is out here in zombieville) so don't expect another break haters.. Wait do we have haters? I never thought about that.. hmm..

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